Works in Progress

WILD OLEANDER–Lessons from an Orphaned Raccoon A middle grade novel based on a true story. (Set in South Florida in the 1970’s). When eleven-year old Ruby lost her parents in a terrible accident, she thought she would never love again, but a little orphaned raccoon changes all of that. Raising a baby raccoon while trying to help her aunt and uncle run their busy South Florida citrus farm is full of trouble, adventures, and lessons learned. The biggest lesson of them all—how to say goodbye to save a friend. 13 chapters. 45,000 words.

THE SLEEPING GROVE–a middle grade mystery set in rural North Florida in a pecan grove. 50,000 words


THE LITTLE STORE THAT COULD--One night in a lonely town a little store was born. It didn’t have much–a counter, a few shelves, some boxes, and crates. But it believed when the railroad would come that people would move to the little town and it could grow up and be a big store one day. But when the railroad didn’t come, what would the little store do?


SPECIAL–Bubbly, autistic Lucy is a second grader with a secret–she’s never had a single friend. But today is the first day at a new school and she’s determined to make a good impression. When she wears her butterfly wings to class, everybody laughs–except Grace. Grace is awkward and shy, but today she smiles. 700 words

THE FARMER’S ROBOT–One night a robot is born on a lonely farm. The Farmer’s Robot is programmed to do chores and keep the lonely farmer company, but his robot parts keep getting him in trouble. Can he find a way to help the farmer or will he be put away with the other spare parts? 800 words

THE FARMER’S SCARECROW–He was born between the corn maze and the pumpkin patch wearing raggedy clothes, a tattered hat, and a broomstick tied up tight upon his back. He knew he was meant for more than chasing crows. But how can a scarecrow get up and go? 600 words